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Mastering Marketplace and Strategies for Personalised Success

DailyGrain grower using app

We know growers want to use all the tools at their disposal in the most efficient and seamless manner – including DailyGrain and it’s MarketPlace platform. As pricing deciles have stayed stagnant over the past week or so, the amount of Offers on MarketPlace has more than tripled. In light of this, there are a few things to cover off on to make sure your online trading experience is a great one… 

  1. UPDATE YOUR NGR: If you are choosing multiple Buyers to sell your grain to, please ensure you have provided your NGR number to ensure your payment is swift. NGR is a national registered body and used by all major Acquirers for grower data.  
  2. ISCC CERTIFICATION: MarketPlace is integrated with LoadNet, and CBH’s ISCC certification. Your current CBH ISCC Status will automatically flow through; if you select multiple Buyers and ISCC on a Canola Offer, you will be required to supply your NGR ISCC certification or complete one upon execution of a trade.  
  3. TARGET PRICING: If you are a keen Seller, use the charts available in DailyGrain to compare year on year trends and current decile pricing to ensure that your targets are reasonable and enhance your chances of matching a trade with a Buyer. While a ‘blue sky’ target gives you ultimate control on your pricing, it may prevent you trading.  
  4. BUYER AWARENESS: One of the key elements of MarketPlace is choosing who you are confident to trade with, please ensure you review a Buyer’s payment terms and terms & conditions of sale as part of your selection process.  
  5. REACH OUT! The team are ready on the end of the phone or email to support you through any questions, queries or help you need. Our aim is to simply help you take control of your grain marketing, so reach out and let us help you nail using the platform.  

The team is available on 9416 6244 or info@dailygrain.com.au to assist you with any questions you have while you set yourself up to be a price maker, not a price taker! 

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