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Frequently asked questions


  • How membership works?

    Membership of DailyGrain is provided on an annual basis. You can join at any time and from the date of payment the membership will be valid for 12 months. A renewal reminder will be sent 7 days prior to expiry. For CBH shareholders, a Free annual membership is offered. You can request to cancel your membership at any time.

  • How many contacts can I have for the one membership?

    For all grower members, you can attach 3 different mobile numbers and 3 emails for notifications. The primary email and Mobile will be the hey contact for the account.

  • How do I join?

    You can login in to and select the sign in button. Please follow the prompts to complete your application and once completed you will ready to sign in and get started.

  • What are the payment options?

    DailyGrain offer payment via credit card, PayPal, direct debit or cheque.

  • What is the membership length?

    DailyGrain membership is for 12 months. If you wish to extend your membership for a longer period you can speak with DailyGrain to assist you. Basic Free members will receive an automatic renewal of their membership every 12 months.

  • What happens if I don’t pay my Premium membership?

    For Premium members, if you are a CBH Shareholder, the membership will automatically drop back to a Free membership.

  • Can I upgrade from Free to Premium?

    Yes, you can upgrade back to Premium at anytime. Your Premium membership will become valid for a further 12 months upon payment being received.

  • Do I get notification on upcoming renewal?

    Yes we do send an email out 7 days prior to membership renewal.

  • Can I set automatic payments for my membership?

    Unfortunately, we not accept automatic payment for membership payments.

  • What if my contact details or email changes?

    It is important to keep your contact details updated. You can make these changes in your account under the My Account tab next to your login name at the top right hand corner of the home page. Alternatively, you can also contact DailyGrain who can assist you with any changes.

  • If I’m a Buyer how do I register for MarketPlace?

    Buyers will need to contact DailyGrain to complete an application for MarketPlace. Buyers will need to be a registered Acquirer with CBH operations.

  • Where can I find my membership invoices?

    If you select the drop down menu from the button near your name in the top right hand corner of the home page, you will be able to select invoices to access your current invoice.

  • Why do I need to supply the National Grower Registry (NGR) number?

    Growers will be required to complete the NGR number when using MarketPlace for any trading. Some of the Buyer members require this number for completion of payment for any trades.

  • For non-growers, how do we get a membership?

    If you are not a grower, and you do not fit the Buyer or Consultant category, you can apply to be a Premium member. If you need further information, please contact DailyGrain who can provide you with some options to become a member.

Login and credentials


Each member can use MarketPlace to trade grain.

MarketPlace Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Getting Started with MarketPlace
Watch Video Tutorial
Download PDF Quick Reference Guide

Tutorial 2: How to place an Offer on MarketPlace
Watch Video Tutorial 
Download PDF Quick Reference Guide

Tutorial 3: How to review an Offer and how to withdraw an Offer
Watch Video 
Download PDF Quick Reference Guide

Tutorial 4: What happens after my offer is accepted on MarketPlace
Watch Video Tutorial
Download PDF Quick Reference Guide

  • What is MarketPlace and how does it work?

    MarketPlace is an online platform where Western Australian grain sellers match their asked prices for wheat, barley and canola to buyers automatically within the MarketPlace system.

    MarketPlace gives you the option of loading your preferred wheat, barley or canola price onto the platform to attract a buyer. Once a bid is matched with your offer a sale is automatically triggered. The grain is nominated to the buyer, and they will pay you as per their terms.

  • Are the bids in DailyGrain Top 5 the same in MarketPlace?

    No, the Bids in MarketPlace are not always copied from the Top 5 bids. Buyers might choose to publish bids in the Top 5 but do wish to publish in MarketPlace.

  • Is MarketPlace a full service trading platform or exchange?

    No, MarketPlace does not support the payment from Buyer to growers for any trades. MarketPlace trades are binding, and the buyer and grower will be notified of any trade. Payment occurs directly with the Buyer who will create a RCTI and make payment directly on their trading terms.

  • What is Spot and Forward Markets in MarketPlace?

    We support both Spot and forward markets which are generally used by marketers and growers at different times of the season.

    The Spot market is generally used for transactions during harvest or following where grain has been delivered to CBH, and the grower seeks to sell this grain. The MarketPlace has an automatic matching engine that creates a trade when a Seller’s Offer and a Buyer’s Bid match on price, volume and the transfer date is matching.

    The Forward market supports marketers or sellers who wish to trade for a future supply of grain at an agreed price and volume at a time prior. This is useful for growers seeking to secure a known price for a future delivery. It is also useful during harvest if a grower seeks to secure a price and volume, but seek to delay delivery towards the end of harvest. This then allows the grower to complete Quality Optimisation towards the end of harvest prior to delivery of loads.

    The Forward market is a manual matching system and buyers or sellers need to select a matching Offer or Bid to effect a trade.

  • Are the prices published on DailyGrain the same as MarketPlace?

    No, not necessarily . Buyers don’t always publish their prices from Top 5 to the MarketPlace. The prices also might be different between the two areas. The biggest difference is the Top 5 provides an indication of a marketers prices, the MarketPlace provides a price and a volume of grain a trader seeks to buy.

  • What season/commodities can I sell or buy on MarketPlace?

    MarketPlace supports the current (default season) the previous season and the future season. 3 years in total. It supports the major WA commodities wheat, barley, canola, lupins and oats that can be transacted. This is for all grades delivered.

  • Can I sell part of a load or only the whole load?

    When creating an offer, you can choose the loads you want to allocate. This can only be done in full loads. No split loads are available.

    For consultants who have Delayed Nomination Offer (DNO) flagged, they can place offers for a set volume which is not related to specific loads. (As long as the grower has the required volume of grain to meet the offer volume). Upon a trade the consultant can allocate loads to the trade and the system supports splitting the last load to meet the required trade volume. Alternatively, by 7.45am the next day the system will automatically allocated loads and split the last load to complete transfer of grain for the trade.

  • What is a preferred buyer?

    A preferred buyer is a buyer that you, as a seller, have chosen to deal with when placing offers on the MarketPlace.

  • Can I remove an Offer?

    Yes, you can remove an offer at anytime by using the Withdraw offer from selecting the Chevron at the end of the offer line on “My Activity” tab in MarketPlace. Please note your browser might hide this button if the display is clipped and you will need to move the slider across to view the full offer line

  • Can I cancel an accepted offer?

    No, all transactions once matched are final. All trades and nominations are automated and complete upon the bid being matched with an offer.

  • What are the time limits for each bid?

    There are four options when creating a bid:

    1. Good till market close. The market currently opens at 9am and closes at 4pm (Monday- Friday).
    2. Good till date – this is where you can enter a specified date that your bid will be valid for.
    3. Good till cancelled. – you can keep your bid ‘live’ until you log in and cancel it.
    4. Immediate.
  • Will consultants be able to use MarketPlace on my behalf?

    Yes, as long as your consultant has a DailyGrain consultant membership you will be able to authorise them to post offers on MarketPlace on your behalf. They will be represented as the Seller for any trades and are notified of any trades in addition to the Buyer and Grower. Growers can remove an offer placed by a consultant using the same steps as removing an offer they might place.

  • What scrutiny will be put in place to ensure buyers/sellers fulfil their obligations?

    As a seller, you get to choose from whom you will accept bids, which will allow you to limit your trades to those buyers you trust.

    When placing an offer on the Spot market you can only assign un-nominated, available loads which have already been delivered into the CBH system. When a trade is made, the assigned loads are nominated to the buyer automatically, so the buyer can trust they’ll get the grain from any trade they make. If, for any reason, the offered loads become unavailable in the CBH system, the offer will be automatically withdrawn.

  • How do I know I am getting the best price possible on MarketPlace?
    MarketPlace is simply providing another marketing tool to help you make marketing decisions. With Marketplace, you are the price setter. Using DailyGrain’s analytics tools and records of recent trades can help you determine a price you are happy with.
  • Is MarketPlace independent from CBH Marketing and Trading?

    Yes, although DailyGrain is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CBH Group it operates independently.

  • What is the oil content for Canola on MarketPlace?

    Canola pricing is likely to have quality bonuses and/or deductions for oil and admixture content, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure these are accurately represented in the pricing using the ‘Oil Cap’ section of Top 5 and covered in the Payment Terms displayed on the Platform. Firm price is generally on basis 42% oil on clean seed tonnes, or as per a specific marketers specifications.


  • Buyers requirements to trade on MarketPlace?
    1. Terms and Conditions – when growers add you as an “Allowed Buyer” for their Offer, they’re accepting your terms and conditions. To facilitate this, we require a PDF of your Terms and Conditions to link to the page. You can either email these to DailyGrain or upload them on the DailyGrain site using the Payment Terms (MarketPlace) option.
    2. Payment Terms – to help growers make an informed choice, payment terms are displayed next to each buyer when they’re choosing their “Allowed Buyers”. It is the Buyers responsibility to upload these and maintain the currency of the version supplied.
    3. NGR – some Buyers require NGR registration prior to making payment; some do not. If you need growers to be registered with the NGR before you can pay them, let DailyGrain know. We’ll note that next to your name when they’re choosing “Allowed Buyers”, along with a link to the NGR so they can get the process started if they’re not already registered.
    4. Grain Services Agreement – you’ll need to have a signed GSA with CBH for any season for which you want to post bids, contact CBH Customer Support ( for assistance.
    5. Payment Method CASH – you’ll need to be set up for the CASH payment method with CBH to facilitate nomination of the grain once a trade is made. This will require a credit check and any other requirements that CBH operations request. Contact CBH Customer Support ( for assistance.
  • Can I change or remove my Bids during the trading day?

    At any time, the Buyer may remove or change its price(s) from the MarketPlace directly by accessing the Bids (For MarketPlace) tab in the Buyer area on the Platform.

  • What are the rules around quantities that are on MarketPlace?
    1. A Buyer is responsible for establishing and maintaining its tonnage limits tonnes on the Platform using the quantity available on the bid’s placement line
    2. A Seller cannot enter into a contract on the Platform to transfer more stock than the Buyer’s limit. If a Seller tries to sell more than the Buyer’s limit, the Platform will notify the Seller of how DailyGrain Operational Policy (October 2021) 8 much it can sell. The Seller can then either continue with the transaction at a reduced tonnage or cancel the transaction.
    3. As soon as a Seller reserves tonnage to be transferred, the Buyer’s limit is adjusted to ensure the maximum grain purchased by a Buyer is within its limit.
  • Are there any fees for Buyers to trade on MarketPlace?
    1. Buyers are not required to pay fee when selling to growers on the DailyGrain MarketPlace,
    2. If Buyers sell to other Buyers in the “Track” market, there is a $0.25 fee per tonne charged, which is payable 30 days from the end of the month following invoice.


DailyGrain – The one place to see prices

  • How do I select notifications for DailyGrain Top 5 prices?

    On the Top 5 page, you will need to add the commodities you wish to view. You can add as many commodities as you wish that re relevant to your business.

    For each commodity you can now select the notifications tick box and you can have up to 5 commodities selected across multiple seasons. Please note you can only have 5 notifications in total, not 5 for each season.

  • I don’t seem to be receiving notifications. How can I fix this?

    On the Top 5 page, you will need to check that you have the correct commodities by season selected. Often at the end of one season your selections are for the previous season. Secondly, please open the Options button, which will allow you to customise the details of your notifications.

  • What is the star rating?

    The star rating represents the top price’s percentile ranking. This calculation includes the top prices for the previous 4 seasons and the current season. You can also create your own decile charts in Charts.

  • Can I set Alerts on the Top 5 page?

    Yes, Premium members can set price alerts either on the Top 5 commodity, or you can select Price alerts from the menu bar under Prices. You can set price alerts for multiple commodities and price targets.

    If you are a basic member, price alerts are not available.

  • I’m now only seeing weekly prices on Friday. I was getting prices every day, what has changed?

    If your notifications has changed, Premium members only receive Daily price notifications. Your membership type has changed which has resulted in change.

  • How can I chart prices from different seasons?

    Option 1: Create a Seasonal Fluctuation chart, on this chart you can compare price trends between seasons e.g. season 1’s prices spiked at seeding time but season 2’s prices fell at the seeding time.

    Option 2: Create a Cash Prices chart and use the continuation chart feature, this chart shows how the price of a grade has moved over a time range you set.

    Option 3: Create Cash Prices chart and select multiple seasons, this chart is useful for comparing new and old season prices during a shorter time period.

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