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DailyGrain provides you access to market prices and supports your grain marketing in one place to ensure you get the best return for your grain.

DailyGrain has two important key areas to support members seeking market prices and the marketing of their grain. DailyGrain is primarlily a price discovery tool and provides prices from buyers who are registered and wish to publish their prices each day. This information is commonly called the Top 5, and helps provide a baseline of local prices for growers to decide at what price they might wish to sell their grain.

MarketPlace is the trading platform that was launched to complement price discovery by providing a ‘market matchmaker’ to link buyers and sellers on target pricing. Designed to minimise effort required to meet the market, growers and buyers are invited to set pricing and volumes, and turn their minds to the other complexities of their business. Please note that some of the bids on the Top 5 will not always be posted on MarketPlace.

DailyGrain features

DailyGrain provides the full suite of grain marketing tools to track prices, create custom price alerts and trade your grain on a fee free MarketPlace.

Prices and notifications

Track daily the grain prices of major grain marketers and set your customised price alerts to trigger SMS or email alerts.

Price tracking
Create your custom dashboard of grain commodities to track the daily prices from major marketers.
Top 5 commodities
Select your season and port zone to track live prices and regular notifications of prices.
Market news and charts
Follow daily market news of grain futures and exchange rates. Create your own charts to track grain prices and trends to optimise your grain marketing returns.

MarketPlace helps match grower offers and buyer bids. It is a great marketing tool and is FREE to all DailyGrain members. You can always view your own trading activity in real time. With automatic nomination for spot trades, market analytics and visibility of offers, bids and trades, MarketPlace is an essential tool for all your grain marketing.

Place offers
Offer grain directly to the market with your price and choose from which buyers you wish to accept bids. View available bids and trades as they happen.
Trade activity
MarketPlace will match offers to bids, and when it does, a trade is made. You can withdraw your offers at any time up to the time of a trade.
Trade notifications are sent to the Buyer and Seller immediately this occurs. Traders will complete payment directly with the grower.

Deliveries is a great place to view all your loads of grain delivered to CBH. You can view in a great summary view or the full load details for the last 10 seasons.

*Growers only

View all your grain deliveries to CBH over the last 10 years with a great summary report of nominated and un-nominated deliveries and who you have sold your grain to.
Select your season and port zone to track live prices and regular notifications of prices.
You can nominate loads in DailyGrain. This service is fully integrated with CBH LoadNet and provides another way to transfer your grain.

MarketPlace is coupled with LoadNet and ensures ease of use for members when marketing your grain. You can be confident to get your Offer accurate as the loads you select create the offer volume. When it trades the transfer is completed automatically and you have nothing more to do. If you were to sell any loads elsewhere on Loadnet, MarketPlace will immediately remove your Offer. This provides sellers confidence that the sale can not be duplicated.

Once you link your account with LoadNet, your loads are visible and available to trade on the MarketPlace. View all load details and track your sales for all your commodities.
Top 5 commodities
Customise unlimited commodities and port zones by season that you wish to view and track. If you wish to receive notifications, select any 5 commodities.
Market news
Market news provides a great view of futures markets of the key grain commodities and exchange rates with major currencies. This is updated every morning at 8.00am WST.
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Our Team

Please contact one of the DailyGrain team for support or assistance.
  • Wayne Hiller
    Product Manager
    Wayne has had over 40 years' experience working in WA agriculture. Over the journey Wayne has had a passion for technology in ag and continues to seek value for all growers and key stakeholders. "DailyGrain provides great value today and I'm seeking to unlock even more value in the future for growers". You can generally find me on the golf course or on a boat most weekends, in-between catching up with family and the 6 grandsons.
  • Mandy Johnston
    Mandy Johnston
    Head of Grower Services
    As Head of Grower Services, I am responsible for making sure that growers feel supported and serviced all the way through their grain growing and selling journey. “Having spent a year in Victoria in 2014 under the East Coast CBH team, I came to understand how unique and lucky we are in Western Australia with our focussed export market. I am passionate about empowering growers and helping to demystify some of the misconceptions that marketing their grain is beyond their capability”.

    In her down time you’ll find Mandy squeezing in Pilates between toddler-wrangling and then chasing the best cappuccino or the best Aperol spritz in Perth, depending on the time of day.
  • Ashley Carroll
    Ashley Carroll
    Services Coordinator - DailyGrain & MarketPlace

    As Coordinator of Grower Services, I am responsible for ensuring that WA growers are guided and supported from the process of growing grain right through to selling their crop. Ashley grew up in Ireland surrounded by a family with a love and passion for Agriculture. After completing a Master of Arts in Business Management, Ashley worked in Operations and Supply Chain for several years in both the domestic and export market and most recently as an Operations Manager at Apple’s European Headquarters.

    Ashley will be bringing her unparalleled attitude to work hard, progress and succeed for our growers now and into the future. Outside of work you will most likely find Ashley training for a Marathon, at the beach or enjoying a pint of Guinness or two.

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