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Unlock your grain marketing potential with the MarketPlace Top 4 Tutorials

Unlock Your Grain Marketing Potential: Dive into the World of trading your grain to maximise profit with MarketPlaces Top 4 Tutorials!

Unlock Your Grain Marketing Potential: Cast your offer and start trading your grain to maximise profit with MarketPlaces Top 4 Tutorials!

Harvest 2023/24 is now pretty much done and dusted with many growers starting to head home from holidays and get back into the swing of a new year - a great time to revisit your grain marketing options.

Let us show you how to trade FEE-FREE using DailyGrain’s trading platform, MarketPlace!

If you are re-assessing your pricing goals and want to consider your options, there's never been a better time to check out our 4 new tutorials.

Tutorial 1: Getting started with MarketPlace

In just 3 minutes, this tutorial guides you through the basics of MarketPlace. From logging in or signing up to navigating DailyGrain prices, placing offers, and checking activities – Tutorial 1 is your key to a seamless MarketPlace experience

Tutorial 2: How to place an offer on MarketPlace

In this 3-minute video, learn how easy it is to place an offer! Gain insights on setting your preferred price, volume, and zone, ensuring your offer aligns perfectly with your pricing goals.

Tutorial 3: How to review an offer and how to withdraw an offer on MarketPlace

Discover how to efficiently manage your offers in less than 60 seconds! Tutorial 3 walks you through reviewing all your placed offers, withdrawing offers, and exploring withdrawn offers – providing you with complete control over your trading decisions.

Tutorial 4: What happens after my offer is accepted on MarketPlace

Once your offer is accepted, what's next? Tutorial 4 reveals the post-offer process, guiding you through trade details, activity tracking, and understanding where to view buyer payment terms.

MarketPlace can help you to secure your target prices FEE-FREE!

Watch DailyGrain's MarketPlace tutorials and see yourself how easy it is to use MarketPlace. Start your journey today and unlock the full potential of your grain trading experience!

Need more help? Contact us on info@dailygrain.com.au or phone 9416 6244.

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