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Updates set to make using MarketPlace even easier

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Here at DailyGrain, we never stop thinking about our core purpose, which is creating value for WA growers. Part of this is making sure we listen to your feedback and do our best to make the changes which can unlock your most valuable asset - your time. 

We are currently in an exciting period where we are going to be releasing some small changes to the platform which will hopefully make things easier and quicker for our users such as;

1. You will now have the option to enter a fixed volume or select loads when creating your offer. This will continue to check in LoadNet to ensure you have sufficient volume to cover your offer. Remember, if you don’t have sufficient volume to cover an offer on DailyGrain, the offer is automatically withdrawn.

2. You will now be able to edit your price or volume on your offers.  This will be a great improvement and allow members to adjust prices as the market fluctuates. Very simple and quick way to make changes.

3. For our consultants, we have now added the CBH grower number when searching for associated growers.

These changes are based on the feedback we are receiving from our members. So please reach out and feed your ideas through at info@dailygrain.com.au or contact one of the DailyGrain team on 0894166244.

Please keep an eye on future releases and announcements as we bring future improvements to the DailyGrain platform and the MarketPlace feature.

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