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DailyGrain application release coming soon

Blog post

DailyGrain are pleased to announce a software release this Thursday evening (21 March 2024) with a number of improvements.

DailyGrain continues to seek your feedback and we listen to our members on ways to improve our offering. We believe these improvements will greatly improve your experience and the management of ‘Offers’ in MarketPlace in particular, will be of great value.  

We have future improvements we will be working on over the coming months, and we look forward to sharing these with you as they become closer to release.

Support of NGR ISCC 

As some buyers are requesting that NGR ISCC registration be required, we have added the selection of NGR ISCC on the offer and bid creation. This will now provide confidence to buyers that when the ISCC is selected, growers will be registered with NGR.  

Addition of $ sign to all value entry fields

The $ sign will now appear on all fields where a price is required to be entered.  This will help ensure members enter the price not the volume they wish to sell during an offer or bid creation.    

Enhancements to the Forward Market date rules and several other small changes as we continue development of further major improvements over the coming months in preparation for this coming harvest. 

Should you need any help of have questions contact us on info@dailygrain.com.au


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