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The weight of waiting

The weight of waiting
As Western Australian grain growers face anxious waits for opening rains, the weight of the many decisions which are triggered by the weather are forced abruptly to the surface.

Many of us try to practice mindfulness and focus on what we can control, we send our support to those of you who are having to make difficult choices about seeding on the fly.

Many DailyGrain members were able to chip away at their remaining 2023-24 grain stocks and see some success with some clearly targeted zone and grade combinations, such as Feed Barley in Esperance and other small pricing spikes have been driven by filling shipping entitlements.

WA is not alone with the dry weather it is experiencing with Southern Russian also starting to look unseasonably dry for this time of year. While WA growers are waiting for opening rains, critical to be had by mid-May, southern Russian growers need rain by the end of April to ensure the crop quality is maintained.

The over-arching message is that while Feed barley and most wheat grades are pricing too expensively at the moment for international markets and tenders, there are still many weather and logistics ‘balls in the air’ to lock in an overly pessimistic view.

The DailyGrain team.

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