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For growers seeking to have more commodity price information and access to trade on MarketPlace.


1 member included

Only available for CBH shareholders

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What's included:

  • Daily updated prices and weekly notifications.
  • Price and exchange rate forecasts.
  • Create your marketing plan.
  • Place offers on MarketPlace.


For growers seeking daily price notifications, custom price alerts and wheat contract optimisation.

$350 /year

1 member included

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All Basic features, plus:

  • Daily price notifications.
  • Custom price alerts.
  • Load control.
  • Nomination and evaluation.
  • OptimiserPLUS


For grower consultants seeking to optimise grower clients sales opportunities.

$500 /year

10 seats included

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Buyer features, plus:

  • Offer placement.
  • Deferred nomination offers.


For marketers seeking to advertise their daily prices and trade commodities on MarketPlace.

$1,500 /year

3 seats included

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Most Premium features, plus dedicated tools:

  • Place your price in Top 5.
  • Trade activity.
  • Bid placement.
  • Daily trade reports.
  • Track Market trading.